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Jan 8th 3 - 8 PM Save a Life!  Donate Blood. Donors get a mini physical, $10 Bingo Credit and a Movie Ticket
Jan 11th 6 PM Havdeli: Dinner, Havdalah Service and Movie "The Chosen"
Jan 19th 1 PM Sisterhood Paid Up Luncheon
Jan 25th 3 PM Beach Cleanup, BBQ and Havdalah
Jan 25th 4 PM Boy Scouts Spaghetti Dinner
Jan 26th 3 PM

Sundays at Sinai "Aging and Sex: Ha Ha Ha " with Joyce Saltman, Ed.D

Adult Education Program

Feb 2nd 10 AM Brotherhood's Best Social Series  Men Only.
Feb 7th 7:30 PM Erev Shabbat for Shabbat Shira
Feb 8th 10 AM Shabbat Morning for Tu B'shevat
Feb 8th 6 PM TaSTY - "LOCKIN"
Feb 10th 7:30 PM Texas Hold'em Temple Men's Only Poker Night
Feb 13th 10 AM Book Club. TBA.  RSVP 561-276-6161 ext 125
Feb 16th 10:30 AM Brunch and Action with Speaker Franks Cerabino
Feb 21st 7:30 PM Brotherhood Shabbat
March 1st 3 PM

An Extraordinary Afternoon with Noa Baum

March 7th 7:30 PM Purim Spiel
March 15th 7 PM Surf Party --- Beach Boys Tribute Band. Dessert after the show.

To reserve your seat call: 561-276-6161 Ext. 128

March 22nd 10 AM Brotherhood Breakfast and Bingo. $1000 in Cash Prizes!
March 26th 6 PM Sisterhood Seder
March 28th 6 PM Retention Event
April 12th 10 AM Brotherhood's Best Social Series  Men Only.
April 16th 10 AM Book Club. TBA.  RSVP 561-276-6161 ext 125
April 19th 3 PM Three Funny Jewish Women. Dr Rose Feinberg
June 11th 10 AM Book Club. TBA. RSVP 561-276-6161 ext 125



**** Pay On Line ............ or call 561-276-6161 ext. 123 ****

Brotherhood Social Series Jan 5th


Brotherhood Social Series

Dinner, Movie "The Chosen"  Havdalah Jan 11th


Havdeli Dinner and Movie
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Beach Cleanup, BBQ & Havdalah


BBQ, Beach Cleanup, Havdalah Jan25

Aging and Sex HA!HA! Adult Ed


Aging and Sex Jan 26. Adult Ed
Brunch and Auction with Frank Cerabino Feb 16th

Brunch & Auction Feb 16th
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Noa Baum March 1st

Noa Baum March 1st

Dr. Rose Feinberg April 19th

3 Funny Jewish Women, April 19th. Adult Ed

Joy Of Torah Wall

Joy Of Torah Wall Tiles
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Lunch and Bridge. 12:30 PM except. Fri 12:15 PM; no game Sat.; Sun 1 PM

      Feed the Hungry  


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Bridge. 12:30 PM except. Fri 12:15 PM; no game Sat.; Sun 1 PM



Temple Sinai Duplicate Bridge Club Flyer

Temple Sinai is home to one of the largest, busiest and friendliest Duplicate Bridge Clubs in the area.  Our Director,George Zimmer,  runs duplicate games every day except Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and offer regular classes at the beginner and intermediate levels, and occasional seminars on advanced topics. 

All Temple Sinai Duplicate Games are ACBL-sanctioned, Open, Stratified Pairs, and non-smoking.  

Game times: Monday-Thursday at 12:30 PM, Friday at 12:15 PM, and Sunday at 1 PM.  Your daytime entry fee includes a great light lunch, so come early!  On Sunday, the Big Brunch starts at noon, game at 1 PM. 

Click this link for more information: Website for the Bridge Club

Email for the Bridge Club: 

Special phone number for the Bridge Club (561) 276-8071: for reservations, if you need a partner - message machine, no call-back (unless we think it needs one).